Dr. Jeffrey R. Leonard MD, FAANS

Jeffrey R. Leonard, MD, FAANS

Dr. Leonard is chief of pediatric neurosurgery and fellowship director at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. He holds The Robert F. & Edgar T. Wolfe Foundation endowed chair in neurosurgery. Dr. Leonard’s research interests focuses on the pathogenesis and surgical treatment of pediatric brain tumors. His laboratory efforts are primarily directed at investigating molecular pathways in gliomas and pilocytic astrocytomas in particular. He is also currently exploring the role of exosomes in medulloblastomas. His clinical research is mainly focused on his collaboration with Dr. Julie Leonard, where he is serving as the neurosurgical consultant for her work on the management of pediatric cervical spine injury in the emergency room. In addition, he is currently participating as the neurosurgical lead for a multi-institutional collaboration dedicated to treatment of cerebral palsy in the pediatric and adult populations.